Abrix feat. Dashuljanikolaeva – Sweet Memories (Single)

Abrix is a young musician and producer that constantly tries to improve upon his skills in making music. Additionally, he makes lots of tutorials surrounding different kinds of genres and/or general music production techniques. He was born in a village called Kirov in Russia but after two years of living there, hid parents chose to immigrate to Germany. Here he has lived ever since. Because of that, he is multilingual. Throughout his life, he has had a lot of music practice. Abrix comes from a classical background, so piano lessons and choir practice were on the daily list. Although he did quit piano lessons, he was interested in a lot of instruments which then led him to have quite a few selections of instrument practice. From string instruments like the Viola and Guitars to woodwinds like the Sax but after some time he realized that he was better off teaching all of those things himself and reverted back to YouTube tutorials.

His channel blew up in mid-2016 due to his launchpadding career (YouTube channel HERE!). Abrix played a Midi instrument called a “Launchpad” which was very popular at the time and by pure luck, the algorithm noticed his videos. But in 2019 he made a full stop (due to personal reasons) and concentrated on other stuff like school. A year later Abrix finally found the courage to tap into the world of music and with the help of people like Andrew Huang and Marti Fischer he quickly got comfortable with Ableton Live and he has used it ever since! And now enjoy his first Electro Swing production with the singer Dashuljanikolaeva, It’s a very nice and musical Neo Swing track. We hope for more productions in this direction in the future from Abrix!