Balkan Bangers Mix

Welcome ladies and gents and lovers of Balkan Beats! Get ready for a musical journey because DJ “KimSka”, the maestro of Balkan Beats, Russendisko, Ska, Global Beats and of course Electro Swing from Germany, has mixed a brand new set for us: “Balkan Bangers Mix”! 🕺🎷💃

With over 20 years of experience under his belt, KimSka has put together an absolutely electrifying hour of Balkan power with artists like Betty Booom, LVDS, Magnifico, Riva Starr, Pizeta, AKA AKA, umami, Thalstroem, Balkanvision and Kiwistar!

Imagine house, techno and club beats meeting the unmistakable sounds of brass instruments, klezmer melodies, violins and flutes – it’s like embarking on a wild, imaginary journey through the musical landscapes of the Balkans.

We are delighted to share this explosive mix with you on our Electro Swing Thing channels on YouTube and SoundCloud. Get ready to bop and dance, because this mix is guaranteed to get everyone grooving! 💃🎶🔥 #Balkan #DJMix #BalkanBangers


Kiwistar,Josh, Betty Booom, LVDS, Magnifico, Riva Starr, Pizeta, Burrini, Carasco, Stefano Amalfi, Roman Pushkin, Mighty Dub Katz, Erwin & Edwin,AKA AKA, umami, Thalstroem, Balkanvision, Mashina


0:00:00 Kiwistar & Josh And Le Chat – BVLKVN (Club Mix)
0:08:30 Betty Booom – Balkan Bang
0:08:31 LVDS – Mumbai (Club Mix)
0:11:04 Magnifico – Samo Malo (feat. Groovyman)
0:14:08 Nozê – Dring Dring (feat. Riva Starr)
0:18:09 Nozê & Riva Starr – I was drunk
0:23:27 Pizeta – Magic Light
0:26:41 Burrini & Carasco – Mahalageasca (Re-Edit)
0:31:01 Riva Starr – OPA! (Dub Mix)
0:35:01 Riva Starr – Black Cat, White Cat
0:39:20 Stefano Amalfi – Balcanica
0:41:17 Roman Pushkin – Balkan Beat
0:45:11 Mighty Dub Katz – Magic Carped Ride (Son of Wilmot Version)
0:50:37 Erwin & Edwin – Moskau
0:53:27 AKA AKA, umami & Thalstroem – What matters (Original Mix)
0:58:01 Balkanvision & Mashina – Stereo Harmonika

Biography – KimSka

KimSka – on the road as a Dj in Germany & Europe for over 20 years. In cities like: Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Zurich, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart etc.

Offbeat in his blood and good humour on the turntables. He serves up musical delights in the form of electro swing, Balkan beats, Russian disco and of course: ska!

For several years, the busy KimSka has been organising various events such as the Tiger Rag Cub with international acts like: Stereo Express, Umami, Alice Francis, Shemian, Dunkelbunt, Wolfgang Lohr, Enzo Siffredi, Tinush, Trompetendisko, Soundnomaden, Kiwi Star, Phos Toni, Dirty Honkers, Denyo, Wolfgang Lohr and many more!