Bart&Baker Electro Swing Video Party

The Paris Electro Swing legends Bart&Baker celebrate their release of the remix album “Re-Voilà” with a great collection of video clips. Bart&Baker worked together with many artists and have been remixed many times by producers from all over ther world. Enjoy 30 minutes great entertainment and nice music videos.

“RE-VOILA” is Bart&Baker’s 16th album and a remixed version from their 2019 studio album VOILA. The remixes revisit the studio album tracks and infuse the world music vintage tunes with Electro, Electro Swing & Drum&Bass beats.

In addition to the album versions, Three bonus tracks including the remix from the Grammy Award band The Manhattan Transfer, an Electro Swing version of Katy Perry’s hit ROAR & an Electro Swing of Gimmie The Beat performed by The Billy Bros Orchestra feat Normal Miller, a legend of the Jazz Era, who sadly passed away last year at the age of 100.

Bart&Baker hug their performers, remixers, and all the artists who have been involved in these videos and of course their fans. You did it!

Bart&Baker – Re-Voilà (Remix Album) HERE!

TRACKLIST (Video mixed by Laurent Qy)

01. Communications (Slim & Slam) – Video by Charlie Davoine
02. Supermarket feat Hailey Tuck & Dimie Cat Perso – Video by Thomas Saint Yrieix
03. Big Band feat Nicolle Rochelle & Charlie Davoine – Video by Charlie Davoine
04. Bart&baker Istanbul (kaletti Klub remix) performed by Philou – Video by Laurent Qy
05. Swing Phenomenon (DJ Mibor Remix) feat Nicolle Rochelle – Performed by Bastien Rieu
06. Whoopee feat Suzanne Beignet Ramsey aka Kitten On The Keys – Video by Jethro Massey
07. Black Coffee feat Caroll Gibbons – Performed by Bastien Rieu – Video by Laurent Qy
08. Why does love always end in tears (Swahn Remix) feat Nicolle Rochelle
09. Bart&Baker feat LMZG – Lamuzgueule Badaboom – Video by Caroline Vandenbussche
10. What Can I do for you ? feat Filippo Pheel Balliana – Video by Larinha R. Dantas
11. Amico (sono felice che tu essista) feat Pierre Santini – Video by Laurent Qy
12. Peek a Boo feat Kitten On The Keys – Video by Eve Saint-Ramon
13. J’ai rendez-vous avec mon âme feat Clémentine Mitz – Video by Caroline Vandenbussche
14. Atlantida feat Eïdö – Video by Laëtitia Eïdo
15. We are what we are (Wolfgang Lohr remix) feat BILLY BROS. Swing Orchestra
16. 39 de Fièvre feat Clémentine & Matthieu Boré – Performed by @Miss Dee
17. It’s in her heels (Wolfgang Lohr remix) feat Haylen Nam – Video by Laurent Qy
18. Swing You Winners feat Tape Five – Performed by Bastien Rieu – Video by Laurent Qy
19. Swingtonic feat George Bangable – Video by Caroline Vandenbussche
20. Can Can (Bart&Baker remix) – Performed by Aline Enveloppee