Best of Electro Swing Mix – August 2019

Right out of the holiday, from the most beautiful beaches in Greece! Phos Toni is finally back, with a fresh mix that sounds and smells like summer, sea and delicious barbecue. Phos Toni has selected the best Swing House from 2019 into a finely mixed and meticulously merged set. It also smells of club and the nice Electro Swing Party atmosphere. Let yourself be seduced for an hour, or dance Sirtaki to it! #ItMustSchwing ???

00:00 Electro Swing Thing Intro
00:05 Phos Toni – Not Happy (Promo – Release in September)
02:50 Flapjacks – Mr. Sandman (Alle Farben Remix)
06:03 The Swing Bot – Wave of 84
09:00 Robert Edwards & Little Violet – Charleston Bounce
12:40 Zaki – Calling (Phos Toni’s Electro Swing Mix)
17:17 Dephicit and The Fritz – Fat City
22:05 Honky Crew – Old Joe
25:27 Frank Sinatra – Come Fly With Me (FRAK Remix)
28:39 Dave Wave – Everybody Wants To Be A Cat
31:15 Mr. Jazzek – Takie Cos (Ft. Eugeniusz Bodo)
33:41 DJ Mibor – Smoking Room
37:22 DINKS – Dancing Cheek to Cheek
41:33 Phos Toni – Swing Back (Club Mix)
45:46 DJ Mibor – Shake Well
48:56 The Swing Bot – Darktown Rag (Club Mix)
53:37 Enzo Siffredi – Song Of The Dawn