Best of Electro Swing Mix – February 2020

Our monthly mix series is back in 2020 and there are many new Electro Swing productions for you here. We have loads of unpublished tracks and all brand new and hot stuff from the Roaring Twenties. Our mix format will be continued this year and we would like to thank all listeners for this great support! #ItMustSchwing 🎉💃 🔥🎩

With tracks by:  The Swing Bot, Phos Toni, Glenn Gatsby, Peggy Suave, Cut Capers, Odd Chap, Mr. Jazzek, Deladap, Honky Crew, Peter Egri, LVDS, Madam Misfit, Uki Mizusaki, Riff Kitten, Mr. Automatic, Yabloko Moloko, David Sosa, Kiwistar, The Swinghoppers, Loredana Grimaudo, Klischée, Legomix and Wolfgang Lohr

0:00:00 Electro Swing Thing Intro
0:00:05 Wolfgang Lohr & Phos Toni – My 20s Woman
0:03:09 The Swing Bot – Rythmakers 37
0:06:20 Glenn Gatsby – Twenties Dress
0:09:11 Peggy Suave – Almond Street Boogie
0:12:17 Cut Capers – Let’s Start Again (Odd Chap Remix)
0:15:32 Mr. Jazzek – Gogo
0:18:17 Deladap – Sassy
0:22:04 Honky Crew vs. Peter Egri – Boogie Woogie Man
0:25:27 LVDS – 1925
0:28:09 Madam Misfit – Everybody Wants To Be A Cat
0:32:05 Uki Mizusaki – Neontetra
0:35:13 Mr. Jazzek feat. Lil Hardin Armstrong – Oriental Swing
0:37:32 Riff Kitten – She’ll Make You Lose Your Mind
0:41:13 Mr. Automatic – Post-Modern Love
0:44:40 Madam Misfit – Inspector Gadget
0:47:41 Yabloko Moloko – Gangsta’s Business
0:52:59 Ultimissime Trio – Lescano (David Sosa Remix)
0:58:28 Kiwistar & Red Oak feat. Josh and Le Chat – Whistling Journey
0:59:39 The Swinghoppers & Wolfgang Lohr – Party Like Its 1920
1:02:42 Welcome to the Brass Department (Klischée Remix)
1:05:55 Wolfgang Lohr & Loredana Grimaudo – Twenties
1:09:00 Legomix – Did You Not Want To Swing