Best of Electro Swing Mix – September 2019

Many new Electro Swing tracks are waiting for you and Wolfgang Lohr has selected them for you in the current monthly Best of mix. Jamie Berry and Phos Toni are back and 2019 is so far a great year for our beloved underground genre. Unfortunately, we can not use tracks from Caravan Palace and Parov Stelar anymore in the mixes, as they are constantly being blocked. We find it a pity as well. But there are also plenty of other good artists with new releases in this hot mix! #ItMustSchwing ???

With tracks by: Free Shots, Jamie Berry, Emma Clair, Alanna Lyes, LVDS, Varrick Frost, Wolfgang Lohr, JAMi2, Zouzoulectric, Phos Toni, Odd Chap, Jive Me, Balduin, Honky Crew, Dr Fre, Mr. Jazzek, Heppy, DJ Mibor, Ninjula, Offbeat, Parito Justin Turner and Gani Tamir!

00:00 Electro Swing Thing Intro
00:04 Free Shots – Bella Di Notte (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
03:27 Jamie Berry – Light Up The Night
07:16 Emma Clair & Jolyn feat. Alanna Lyes – Move Your Feet
10:22 LVDS feat. Alanna Lyes – Am I Real
13:39 Varrick Frost – Summer Breeze
16:44 Wolfgang Lohr & Marty & his Rockin’ Comets – Cheek to Cheek
19:45 JAMi2-Bomba!
22:58 Andrew Sisters – Well All Right (Zouzoulectric Remix)
25:32 Phos Toni – Not Happy
28:18 Odd Chap – Danger
33:04 Jive Me – Mr O’Butler
36:21 Balduin feat. Alanna Lyes – Whoopedoo (Varrick Frost Remix)
39:06 Honky Crew – How Much The Kiss
42:10 Dr Fre – Singing In The Rain
46:04 Mr. Jazzek – Takie Cos (Ft. Eugeniusz Bodo)
48:33 Heppy – Sherry Coke
51:39 Wolfgang Lohr & DJ Mibor – Very Nice People (Ninjula Remix)
54:58 Parito – Fly & Swing
58:18 Justin Turner feat. Gani Tamir – Night and Day (Wolfgang Lohr Rmx)