Best of Swing Hop Mix 1

Swing Hop is a crossover genre of classic Swing, Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop. The tempo varies from 75-115BPM and has a drum groove that is familiar from Hip Hop. Sometimes Rap vocals are used in the productions, or even vocals with verses and chorus top lines. Many tracks are also instrumental, with vintage samples from themes and melodies of the 20’s-50’s Swing classics. Well-known artists who coined this Electro Swing sub genre include ProleteR, Smokey Joe & The Kid, Gramatik, Jurassic 5, Dutty Moonshine and Minimatic. But there are also a lot of other Swing Hop tracks, by artists from other genres, who occasionally took a trip into this kind of music style. It’s an unlisted genre, without a real home and therefore there are still no real rules and restrictions for it. Swing has always stood for freedom, openness and further development in music! #ItMustSchwing 🔥💃🎩🙌

With tracks by:  ProleteR, Odd Chap, Minimatic, Lamuzgueule, Smokey Joe & The Kid, The Swinghoppers, Offbeat, Varrick Frost, Jive Me, LVDS, Swingrowers, Lyre Le Temps, Dephicit & The Fritz, Gani Tamir, DJ Mibor, Alanna Lyes, PiSk, JAMi2 and Wolfgang Lohr

0:00:00 Electro Swing Thing Intro
0:00:05 Odd Chap & Marty & his Rockin’ Comets – Cheek to Cheek (Swing Hop Mix)
0:03:04 Minimatic – Doo Ding
0:07:10 Wolfgang Lohr & Lamuzgueule – Hit the Road Jack (Swing Hop Mix)
0:09:48 Smokey Joe & The Kid – Running to the Moon
0:12:50 The Swinghoppers – Still
0:16:21 ProleteR – Miss Her (feat. Awon)
0:19:59 Gani Tamir – Night And Day (Swing Hop Mix)
0:22:51 DJ Mibor feat. Alanna Lyes – Call Me a Lady
0:25:37 LVDS – Café Noir
0:28:29 JAMi2 – Bomba!
0:31:41 Dephicit & The Fritz – Do You Want to Jump
0:35:58 PiSk – Jumpin’ Jive (feat. Cab Calloway)
0:39:34 Minimatic – Jump Down Flute
0:43:27 ProleteR – What Lana says
0:48:03 Varrick Frost – Summer Breeze
0:51:07 Lamuzgueule – Gangsta’s Paradise (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
0:56:12 Offbeat – I’m Late
0:59:47 Smokey Joe & The Kid – The Monkey Song
1:02:52 LVDS – The Olden Days
1:06:05 Minimatic – Cinnamon Song
1:09:41 Jive Me – Lesson
1:13:22 Odd Chap – Button Up
1:16:31 Lyre Le Temps – Brokopoly
1:18:46 Swingrowers – Midnight
1:22:19 Smokey Joe & The Kid- Put the Blame on Pete
1:25:22 ProleteR – Afterword (feat. Taskrok)
1:29:22 Minimatic – Rue de Siam