Crazy Red Balls-BomBom

Crazy Red Balls – Bom Bom

The second Crazy Red Balls single «Bom Bom» is out. Powerful Disco Pop Swing! It’s about one of the actual sexual problems of nowadays. :-)
And it’s the real groovy one!

Stream & Download – Bom Bom

Crazy Red Balls is an Electro Swing band from Barcelona with powerful sound, catchy rhythms and entertaining shows! The are starting with traditional Jazz. In 2019 the guys came to the dark side of the force – Electro Swing. The band creates original songs and uses specially recorded vintage style samples for it. As an international band, Crazy Red Balls collaborates with musicians all over the world!


  • Vladimir Uspenskii – music/lyrics, vocal, guitar, piano
  • Julio MarKs – electronic stuff, sound producing
  • Trio EasyTone – vocal
  • Artem Zhuliev – soprano sax
  • Sergey Kulakov – trumpet
  • Yabloko Moloko – sound producing, mastering

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