Running Man – Dance Tutorials With Smilin
(Episode 06) Electro Swing Academy

In the 6th episode of our Dance Tutorial series, Smilin explains the “Running Man” and its variation. A fairly popular dance move of the Electro Swing Dance style, that is often seen in performances.

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1. Start position: one leg stands, the other one is bended

2. The leg which is bended makes a step forward, while the other leg makes a step back.
Important: it must be at the same time! Otherwise the illusion won’t work.

3. Go back to the start position, but this time the other leg is bended

4. Repeat step 2

VARIATION: Running Man with touch: same steps, but you don’t lose the contact to the floor (imagine a big magnet which keeps your feet on the floor)

Next Dance Move: #VJump

If you have any questions, ideas or requests, feel free to write them in the comments. Now have fun watching, learning and dancing. Let’s do the Swing! #ElectroSwingDance 🔥 💃 🎩 🙌

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Alannah Lietz

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– Guitar: Guglielmo Cassinelli (Free Shots)

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