DELADAP release their first album in 4 years and a strictly limited 3-vinyl box for their fans! “Free Your Mind” is a popular catchphrase and a hook line of many hits.

“Play Your Life” could be the motto used by Electro-Swing pioneers DELADAP so as to set a real counterpoint in pandemic times by presenting their first album since “REJAZZED”: thanks to progressive arrangements and easily accessible hooks and melodies, they define their own new genre: “Future Swing”.

The Grand Final: The new album “PLAY”

The 12 tracks on the album are all positive vibe songs brushed against the grain that make you sit up and take notice. Programming pleasant background music is not the job of DELADAP mastermind Stani Vana. His aim is to dispel lethargy and worries (especially in pandemic times) through music and to trigger in his listeners this unique, irresistible urge to get up, participate, and dance.

Tracks like “Cars And Flowers”, “Music Has The Power”, “Make Swing Great Again” and the many others won’t keep people resting – which the band has already proven in their live concerts over the last few years.

Should I PLAY or should I go?

The new musical direction that DELADAP is embarking on with “PLAY” offers a stunning combination of swing (so that even non-dancers have at least to tap their feet …) with EDM beats for club fans and dance fanatics. With the vocals of Melinda Stoika, Beate Baumgartner and Christina Kerschner, who alternate between fragile shyness with a touch of lasciviousness and cheeky girl power, each song has its very own touch.

The result is a rousing fusion mix of Roaring 20ties, Swing Brass and the third millennium according to the motto “Welcome Back To The Dancefloor”!

From November 12th the very first musical booster vaccination is available for everyone: “PLAY” – this is the best way to dance away the fears, the worries and pandemic frustration!

Tracklist- PLAY

01. Music Has The Power
02. So Long Baby And Bye Bye
03. Sassy
04. Cars And Flowers
05. Make Swing Great Again
06. Hello Hurry
07. Multiplayer
08. Tik Tak
09. Gambling Girl
10. Get Down And Boogie
11. Summer Rain
12. Cream Soda
13. Music Has The Power (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)

Release Date: 2021-11-12
Label: Chat Chapeau Nouveau / Label Code: LC-09515
Formats: Vinyl, CD & Digital
© + ℗ 2021 Chat Chapeau Nouveau