DJ Onnoji Interview 2

DJ Onnoji Interview (Part 2) : Ideal Parties

densanKey: What does it mean “Onnoji”?

Onnoji: It is derived from flamingo named “Onnoji”, which is my most favorite character in the Yuki Shikawa’s comic. I also means “Onnoji” in Japanese. (“Onnoji” means “thanks” and “grace” in English.) Many party organizers book constantly me as DJ in my DJ life, and various guests come to me to listen to my DJ. I do my best to thank them but I couldn’t thank them enough. All people who support me are “Onnoji” for me. I would like to be an “Onnnoji” for them too. I wish upon the name “Onnoji” and play DJ in the name of Onnoji.

densanKey: You host the ElectroSwing Party Japan with Uki Mizusaki, a Japanese Electro Swing singer. Why have you started that with her?

Onnoji: I have followed her SNS and was checking her activities. I got to know that she move to Tokyo from Nagoya. As I knew that she has great passion for Electro Swing, I wanted to talk her about that once and contacted her. We communicate each other as an artist. When I said “I want to host Electro Swing party in Japan.”, She answered “Let’s do that.”. I was hesitating, and she motivated me to start. That’s how the ElectroSwing Party Japan had started. Uki Mizusaki accomplishes what she has decided to do. She has energy and strong will to open the way which I don’t have. I respect her as an artist so much. I strongly want to make more efforts to grow ElectroSwing Party Japan and us.

densanKey: How is the Electro Swing Party Japan different from other DJ parties? How will guests can enjoy there?

Onnoji: Of course, guests can enjoy listening to Electro Swing any time at all times from open to close. I do all kinds of things like music, fashion and dance to make guests be able to enjoy Electro Swing world. I’m deeply conscious that whether party is unbiased for every guest or not. I always check that and ask myself. Only Electro Swing is played in that party, however guests don’t have to be familier with that. For example, I sometimes adjust the ratio of anthem in my DJ for beginners. We arrange a space to feel comfortable for both hard dancers and guests sitting on chairs with drinking. We hold a party in a day time for underage people. We don’t have a friends list to invite them free or applying to discount price. (Every guest pays same price of entry fee.) It doesn’t matter whether guests get to like Electro Swing which I love or not. I don’t want to make them dislike Electro Swing because of parties. My ideal ElectroSwing Party Japan is where everyone can equally enjoy.

densanKey: What do you achieve as a DJ?

Onnoji: It seems to be ordinary, however I say that I would be the best DJ in the world. I have been given many good opportunities. I started DJ in minor genre, Electro Swing. I have kept playing Electro Swing in so many parties. I have kept loving Electro Swing immutably. Thanks to people understand my love for Electro Swing, I could have done. I accumulate my love for Electro Swing on my DJ little by little after this, and I will keep playing that in many parties. When all my old fans will say “I’m honor that I have been supporting Onnoji.” in future, I will be the best DJ in the world for my fans. Until then I will keep playing Electro Swing and accumulate my love for Electro Swing with my fans. I want to walk my path in becoming the best DJ with my fans together.

densanKey: Please message for Electro Swing lovers in the world.

Onnoji: Hello. I’m Onnoji, Japanese Electro Swing DJ. I believe that we will be good friends as we love the same Electro Swing in common even if you might not think so. Electro Swing you love makes me believe so. I will be glad if we will keep loving Electro Swing together. When we could come together at same place one day, let’s dance listening Electro Swing until morning. Until then, please you stay fine. I thank you for reading my long interview from Japan.

Interviewed and translated by: densanKey (電子計算機舞踏音楽)
Here is the link to the Japanese version: (日本語はこちら)
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