Electro Swing Explosive Mix #017 by Captain Smash

Hailing from the hills of Huddersfield, Captain Smash is relatively new to the DJ scene. He has recorded the Electro Swing Explosive Mix #017 for you and his set has a great selection! #SwingTheFuckHome #StayAtHome 🔥💃🎩

Here are some kind words from Captain Smash:
“Since finding Electro Swing and discovering how open and friendly the whole community is, I have very gladly embraced it into my life! I never expected everyone to be so welcoming and helpful, with people who actively go out of their way to give you advice, guidance and share their skills.

Looking around the world today, in our current situation, it’s easy to get lost in the uncertain reality we are all facing. For some it will be proving harder and harder to be upbeat when everything around them seems to have been thrown in to turmoil.

What I’m noticing though, while we are undergoing this global catastrophe, is the power of positivity and the acts of kindness from people who have never met before. Our ability to work together and look out for each other is really starting to shine through. People are sending notes around neighbourhoods to check in on each other and make sure they’re ok, families are re-connecting, people are sharing goods and services online for free. DJs have begun streaming online to help entertain people, teachers are posting various ideas to help parents teach their children… We may be in isolation, but we have never been closer!

If everyone can continue with this mentality and remember to follow the social distancing and isolation rules, it should make this pandemic much easier to conquer.

Hopefully my mix will help you pass some of this time! So pop it on, turn it up loud, open your windows and dance like no-one’s watching!

And remember, in the words of Bill and Ted “Be excellent to each other”

Captain Smash” 💣💣💣


00:00 Electro Swing Explosive Mix Intro
00:04 Vintage Remix Allstars – The Punk Panther (Nucky Remix)
04:07 Boston Bun – Don’t Wanna Dance
06:34 Swingrowers – No Strings Attached (Original Mix)
10:00 Cut Capers- Say What (PiSk Electro Swing Remix)
13:01 Sofija Knezevic, Jazzotron – Let’s Go (Original Mix)
16:24 Sepiatonic – Get Low (Original Mix)
19:48 Robert Edwards – PiSk Swing
23:39 11 Acorn Lane – Swing Thing (Re-Swing)
27:10 The Gentlemen Callers of Los Angeles – God Almighty Is Gonna Cut You Down
30:54 DJ Dunya – The Road Is Long… feat. Sam Coenegrachts
33:43 Phos Toni – Dirty Skirt (Original Mix)
38:28 Etta James – Down In The Bass-ment (Mr. Automatic Remix)
43:17 Mr. Automatic -OldTimeSwingNRoll
48:22 Benny Goodman – Sing Sing Sing (Tuxedo Junction Remix)
52:03 SpekrFreks – Gypsy (Original Mix)
54:46 Tuxedo Junction – Mr Business (Original Mix)
58:21 Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong – Dream A Little Dream Of Me