Electro Swing Thing Radio Show #019 feat. Alessa Ray

Hello 2021, it’s our first episode of this new year. Hosted by Tony Wellin and the talented Paraguayan singer Alessa Ray as guest. Talking about music, DAW plugins and dating… that’s right dating… are the topics of this spicy episode and of course some nice new Electro Swing in the mix. Turn on & Stream in! 🎷🕺🎩💃

The Electro Swing Thing Radio Show by Tony Wellin 📻🎺🔥📻
Guest Artist: Alessa Ray


00:00 Electro Swing Thing Intro
00:05 Tony Wellin Intro
00:59 Alessa Ray – Can’t Figure You Out
03:57 Lamuzguele – Triple Luz
07:42 Lyre Le Temps – I’m not a Robot
10:47 Alessa’s Interview Part 1
12:24 Tony Wellin & Alessa Ray – Lockdown with me
14:37 Wolfgang Lohr – Ghost feat. Alanna Lyes
17:20 Trio Lescano – Ultimissime (David Sosa Remix)
20:17 Alessa’s Interview Part 2
21:35 Bart&Baker – Crazy Feet feat. Kitten and The Hip
25:13 Mr. Jazzek – Hit that jive Jack feat. Nat King Cole
27:42 OB3ONE – Body Swinging