Madam Misfit – Elixir of Swing (Album) #ESTA001

Madam Misfit announces her long awaited debut album, “Elixir of Swing,” describing the album as “mischievous with a splash of absurdity”!

Encompassing an array of styles, the album taps in to Electro Swing, Hip Hop and Rap. Tagged as the first female Chap Hop artist, Madam Misfit’s debut is a cocktail of British humour and whit twinned with some exciting fresh beats.

Her debut single “Inspector Gadget” was released to much acclaim via label Electro Swing Thing earlier this year and her collaboration with Emma Clair, “Sugar Rush,” dropped on May 1st.

The album was recorded at the Rudesounds studio in Lincolnshire, UK, with a selection of tracks produced by Electroswing mainstay OddChap and features a delightful remix of a Wolfgang Lohr release with a little “Misfit” sprinkled throughout.
“Elixir of Swing” is an eight-track album touching on an array of styles pulsing with her iconic bass-driven beat, such as in the parody “Crap Romance” produced by Odd Chap, a humorous number based on the Lady Gaga original “Bad Romance.”

As an experienced travelling classical musician and tribute artist, Madam Misfit decided to make drastic changes to her music style in 2019 when being bound by the crotchets and quavers just wasn’t fulfilling enough. “Red Haired Misfit”, which features on the new album, led her to become the steam powered ambassador for all red heads.
“I was blown away by the amazing response I received to ‘Inspector Gadget’ and so it inspired me to put pen to paper and write more, and never did I imagine that my quirky mash-up of styles would ever progress into an album.”

The album touches on both personal and shared experiences from being a fiery red head to living the busy, stressed out life of a mother. Her lyrics touch on issues such as bullying and diversity in a truly unique way that only she could muster. While each track has it’s own unique flavour, when brought together in the shaker, they evolve to create Madam Misfit‘s signature “Elixir of Swing.”


01. Madam Misfit – True You
02. Madam Misfit – Crap Romance (Free Download)
03. Madam Misfit – Red Haired Misfit
04. Madam Misfit – M.U.M
05. Madam Misfit – Inspector Gadget
06. Madam Misfit – Step Aside Boys
07. Madam Misfit – Feels a Little Strange
08. Madam Misfit – Time Travellers Charleston

Composer & Lyrics: Sarah Paul
Producer: Odd Chap (Track 02,05 & 06) / Wolfgang Lohr (Track 08)
Feature: Professor Elemental (Track 03)
Recording Studio: Glenn Tinsley @ Rudesounds
Artwork: Laura Marr – @flourishrva

Electro Swing Thing Records Album 001
Release Date: 2020-06-23

© 2020 Electro Swing Thing Records

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