Masha Ray – Masha Ray (Album)

Sweet, soothing and at the same time seductive vocals, music strongly inspired by influences straight from Eastern Europe, catchy melodies and plenty of sounds of real instruments – this is how the musical project Masha Ray from Berlin can be described in a nutshell. It is formed by two incredibly talented young artists, Masha and Roman Andor. Three years after the release of their debut album ‘Electro Swing’, Masha Ray is releasing a new album, ‘Masha Ray’, on 17th May on Electro Swing Thing Records. Ready for a solid dose of Electro Swing at a high level? 🎶✨

‘Masha Ray’ is an album of 20 tracks – eight main songs, eight instrumental versions and four remixes. We guarantee that among these tracks everyone will find a favourite hit for themselves, and thanks to the instrumental versions you can sing along with Masha Ray and have a great time to the rhythm of these fantastically produced pieces.

Move back to the 1940s for a moment with ‘Bei Mir Bistu Shein’ and dance to the rhythm of the timeless hit ‘Levan Polka’. Feel the Broadway vibe and hum ‘Sway’ in a Neo Swing version. Listen to Masha Ray’s fantastic revamp of the timeless song ‘Bang Bang’. Immerse yourself in Eastern European culture by rocking out to sentimental melodies flowing straight from ‘Tumbalalaika’ and ‘Million Roses’.

The album ‘Masha Ray’ could also not miss out on the all-authored tracks of this musical duo – ‘Sore Thumb’ and ‘Roulette’. Perfectly produced, incredibly melodic and delightful from the first bars – you will definitely associate these sounds with Balkan music. Try to listen carefully to these songs and then you will discover how many instruments build this unique atmosphere and make the songs from the Masha Ray album simply addictive! 🎤🎼

Masha Ray is very open to various musical experiments, which is why she also invited two Electro Swing artists, Betty Booom and Bbop, who produced remixes of her songs especially for the ‘Masha Ray’ album. Using influences from different sub-genres of Electro Swing, such as Swing House, Neo Swing and Future Swing, they have produced up to four remixes that bring plenty of freshness and make Masha Ray’s songs even more memorable. 🎧

‘Masha Ray’ is an album that, apart from a bit of nostalgia and a sentimental journey through emotions and feelings, will give you a whole lot of reasons to dance. We are sure that this vintage style will totally enchant you, and Masha’s wonderful, multi-coloured vocals will thrill you more than once. 💃🕺✨


01. Masha Ray – Bei Mir Bistu Shein (Electro Swing Mix)
02. Masha Ray – Levan Polka (Dancing Donkey Mix)
03. Masha Ray – Sway (Neo Swing Mix)
04. Masha Ray – Bang Bang (Electro Swing Mix)
05. Masha Ray – Tumbalalaika (Neo Swing Mix)
06. Masha Ray – Sore Thumb
07. Masha Ray – Roulette
08. Masha Ray – Million Roses
09. Masha Ray & Bbop – Sway (Future Swing Mix)
10. Masha Ray & Betty Booom – Sway (Swing House Mix)
11. Masha Ray & Bbop – Bang Bang (Future Swing Mix)
12. Masha Ray & Betty Booom – Bang Bang (Swing House Mix)
13. Masha Ray – Bei Mir Bistu Shein (Instrumental)
14. Masha Ray – Levan Polka (Instrumental)
15. Masha Ray – Sway (Instrumental)
16. Masha Ray – Bang Bang (Instrumental)
17. Masha Ray – Tumbalalaika (Instrumental)
18. Masha Ray – Sore Thumb (Instrumental)
19. Masha Ray – Roulette (Instrumental)
20. Masha Ray – Million Roses (Instrumental)


Composer: Roman Andor Krotil
Lyrics: Maria Raykhman
Producer: Roman Andor Krotil

Electro Swing Thing Records Album 005
Catalog No.: ESTA005
Release Date:
© + ℗ 2024 Electro Swing Thing

Producer, Arranger & Mixing Engineer:
Roman Andor Krotil
Vocals, Singer & Lyrics:
Maria Raykhman
Guitar, Saxophone, Clarinet, Cello, Trombone, Violin, Bass, Keyboard:
Roman Andor Krotil
Mastering Engineer:
Tinush Salehi, Markus Gaetano Mueller
Saxophone, Clarinet:
Wladimir Ginzburg
Thomas Roscoe Weiland
Valentin Binz, Dennis Ginzburg
Daniel Steigleder
Rebekka Gebert

Masha Ray – Biography

Seductively, sweet vocals, snappy-ironic lyrics, and sophisticated musical arrangements.
That’s what makes for the distinct sound of Berlin-based songwriting/producer duo Masha Ray.
Both classically trained musicians, they met in a Songwriting Camp in Rotterdam and instantly clicked over their love for retro sounds and styles.

In 2019 they released their debut album “Electro Swing”, introducing their very own mix of Swing, Balkan Beats, Klezmer, and fresh, modern pop production. A fruitful collaboration with “Berlin Production” that has landed them several placements in TV and Media all over the world.

“Vintage Dance”, as they call their exciting cross-over genre, has made them an integral part of the modern Jewish music community, and has allowed them to perform in European metropoles like Milan (IT), Prague (CZ), and even the prestigious Live at Heart Festival in Örebrö (SWE).
Masha Ray are especially known for the magic that happens when they appear on stage as a duo or backed by a jaw-dropping brass-heavy power horse.
They stand for music that pleases modern listeners and nostalgic ears alike.

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