Demented (MNTRA Flip)

Rising talent from California’s underground house and techno scene, MNTRA, is back with a sassy second release on Electro Swing Thing. The producer is based in San Luis Obispo but his signature style resonates with dance music communities all over the state.

MNTRA is no stranger to funk and breaks in his solo project and production in Boiz House. “Demented” is a quirky, narrative electro-house tune that will surely give you a taste of these sounds. Familiar melodies of cartoons and movies offer a splash of playfulness, and a peep into MNTRA’s personality and inspirations.

Chuggy, glitchy production elements combine with vintage swing vibes make this track perfectly “Demented.” Full of surprises and unexpected turns, it will surely leave you smiling by the end. Our Free Download #136! 🎁🎁🎁


Producer, DJ, and universal sound enthusiast is MNTRA. From a suburb outside Los Angeles, MNTRA has had a love for music since dancing around the house to Indian classical at age 5. His passion for creating pushed him to discover sounds in India, England, South Africa and both halves of California.

His passion has found him involved in everything from promoting his own events to collaborating with local DJs and recognized producers. A local favorite himself, MNTRA’s deep, feel-good at time trap inspired beats are the result of a fusion for love of bass, diverse ethnic sounds, and most importantly dancing. Luckily his music is better than his shuffle.

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