Free Download #115

Betty Boop – Red Hot Mamma (WaveZok Remix)

WaveZok is a young and talented producer from France and he has remixed the Betty Boop classic “Red Hot Mamma”. Red Hot Mamma is a 1934 Fleischer Studios Betty Boop animated short, directed by Dave Fleischer. Now as Free Download in a modern Swing House version, our Free Download #115!

Betty Boop is trying to sleep. Shutting all the windows isn’t enough, so she lights a roaring fire in the fireplace and falls asleep on the hearthplace rug. The heat of the flames soon turns two roosting chickens into roasted chickens, and causes Betty to dream that her fireplace has become the gate to Hell itself. Betty explores the underworld, and sings “Hell’s Bells” for the devil and his minions. When the devil tries to put the moves on Betty, she fixes him with a (literally) icy stare, freezing him and all of Hell. Betty wakes up to find the fire out, and she goes to bed, this time under a pile of warm quilts.


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