Grace Annette

Grace Annette is a young and talented Dancer from the United States. That is what she says about herself:
“Before learning Electro Swing, I danced east coast swing, which is still my passion. Over time I picked up electro, and one day I decided to upload a video of me dancing on YouTube. Needless to say, the YouTube algorithm found me and I’ve gained some undeserved attention on the platform. All the glory goes to God! 🙏❤

A little bit about me apart from dance:
• I’m a Christian!
• I’m 54% introverted, 46% extroverted
• I am a college student studying American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreting!
• I write music/sing/play guitar and mandolin!
• I like shiny objects, longboarding, watching the sunset, cutting my sandwiches into unequal thirds, and making people smile!
• In three words, I’m bold, enthusiastic, and genuine

I pray that others will experience joy when they watch or interact with me, and that I can leave everyone better off than when they first came. Whatever I do, whether dancing or singing or songwriting, would every breathe I take and every move I make bring glory to God! ❤”