iSwing Top 50 – November 2021 by JC JSum

Welcome back Electro Swingers, I’m your host JC JSum. “Disco Swing,” from Emma Clair and Alanna Lyes held the Number 1 spot last week. Keep reading to see if they hold the top spot for a third week.

Four new songs join the Top 10 this week. Victor Ghastly’s Electric Timebomb get a first Top 10 with, “I Don’t Give A (Damn).” And Johnny Wright at number 9 also scores a first Top 10 with, “Big Bad Wolf.” It’s up from 14.

Swing’It and Sam Norris are at number 8 with “Booze Cruise (Electro Swing Spin).” Jamie Berry climbs to number 7 with, “Something In The Air.” The third entry in the Top 10 belongs to Betty Booom and J Fitz. They remake, “Puttin’ On The Ritz.” It jumps up from 17 to land at 6. This week’s Big Swinging Shoutout goes out to…

Nat King Cole.

A Sentmental Christmas Reimagined Technology leads the way on this reimagined version of A Sentimental Christmas. Todays voices like Kristen Chenoweth, Calum Scott and Gloria Estefan, get the refixing to Nat’s smooth vocals and lush orchestrations. A nice album to start off the Season.

Emma Clair, Maria and Tallulah Goodtimes are, “Running Wild at number 5. And Emma Clair falls from the top spot with, “Disco Swing,” featuring Alanna Lyes. It stops at 4. The fourth entry in the Top 10 is this week’s Top Swinging Entry.

Odd Chap and Little Violet’s, “Crazy Out There,” blasts in at number 3. The Swing Bot’s, “The Tailor,” climbs to number 2. And landing his ninth Number 1, Parov Stelar’s, “Chambermaid Mash Up Swing,” climbs to Number 1 this week.

Until then, keep swinging for the stars.

Jay Banks (iSwing)

01 Parov Stelar – Chambermaid Mash Up Swing
02 The Swing Bot – The Tailor
03 Odd Chap & Little Violet – Crazy Out There 🆕
04 Emma Clair & Alanna Lyes – Disco Swing (Radio Edit)
05 Emma Clair & Maria / Tallulah Goodtimes – Running Wild (Radio Edit)
06 Betty Booom & J Fitz – Puttin On The Ritz (Electro Swing Mix)
07 Jamie Berry – Something In The Air
08 Swing’it/Sam Norris – Booze Cruise (Electro Swing Spin)
09 Johnny Wright – Big Bad Wolf
10 Victor Ghastly’s Electric Timebomb – I Don’t Give A (Damn)
11 DJ Mibor & Tallulah Goodtimes – Sweet Sensations 🆕
12 Swingrowers – Mr Sandman 🆕
13 Alanna Lyes/Atom Smith/Riff Kitten – Diver
14 Postmodern Jukebox/Aubrey Logan – Smooth Criminal
15 Tony Wellin – Mississippi Mud
16 DJ Weide/Bonny Bee – Jamaica Ska
17 LVDS – The Freakshow
18 Betty Booom/Ashley Slater – Spooky Scary Skeletons (Spooky Swing Mix)
19 Balduin & Wolfgang Lohr/J Fitz – New Ground
20 Tony Wellin – Diamond (Club Mix)
21 Diablo Swing Orchestra – Speed Dating An Artist
22 Odd Chap – All That Jazz
23 Flapjacks – Mister Sandman (Allen Farben Remix)
24 Lamuzgueule – Marshmallow
25 Madam Misfit – The Grinch 🆕

26 Jamie Berry – Murder In The Moonlight
27 Madam Misfit – Don’t Girl (Radio Edit)
28 Riff Kitten – Top Dog
29 Duke Skellington – Future Swing Time Machine 🆕
30 Little Violet – No Questions
31 Mista Trick & Hypeman Sage – Mr Sandman
32 Mr. Jazzek – Dracula (Spooky Swing Mix)
33 Valerie Giglio – Bootleg Baby
34 Right Said Fred – Let’s Face The Music And Dance (Electro Swing Mix)
35 Postmodern Jukebox/Haley Reinhart – Don’t Speak
36 Jojo Effect/Dennis LeGree – Let’s Twist Again (Gardner Of Delight Remix)
37 DJ Mibor – You’re Driving Me Crazy
38 Swing Bot – Gram Off On
39 Little Violet – All The World’s A Stage
40 Crazy Red Balls – Louis Swing (Radio Edit)
41 Balduin – Melody
42 Little Violet – Taking You With Me
43 Wolfgang Lohr & Maskarade – Hit The Road Jack 🆕
44 Masha Ray – Break The Spell
45 Kumiho – Legend (Radio Edit)
46 LVDS & Iolanda Boban – Friends & Enemies
47 Speakeasy Streets – All Dat Jazz (Jamie Berry Remix) 🆕
48 Madam Misfit/Victor And The Bully – Trick Or Treat
49 The Swing Bot – Burlesque Distortion
50 Odd Chap – Spook