J. Fleaux – Performance Artist (Posin)

J. Fleaux is a professional dancer specializing in flow arts and fire performance. She has over seven years of experience with many props, including but not limited to hoops (up to five), poi, fans, and staves. As of 2016, she is also training to be an aerialist and acrobatic.

She hopes to be able to start teaching workshops within the next year in order to spread the hope, excitement and fulfillment that comes with mastering new skills in dance and performance.

Movement is incredibly healing and provokes happiness out of performers and spectators alike. Pure magic happens when movement becomes a lifestyle. Follow J. Fleaux for updates and insights into her world HERE! 🎬🎺💃🎷🕺🎥

MUSIC: Glenn Gatsby – Posin (Electro Swing Thing #070)
Stream & Download: HERE!