Julie Huard – Le Danseur De Charleston (Video)

The French / Dutch singer Julie Huard was born and raised in Utrecht, the Netherlands. As the daughter of the well-known French chansonnier, Fernand Huard, her passion for French music and love of performing has always been in her blood . She performed with her father at an early age. As a solo chansonnière, Julie has been enchanting many a stage since 2015 with her sultry voice. Young Julie’s singing talent did not go unnoticed. In 2019, for example, she won the prestigious Prix Liesbeth List for the most promising French musical talent. In early 2020, Julie scores an international hit with her song La Petite Femme, which is played by DJs all over the world. From this moment Julie continues making more Jazz, Latin and Swing music and starts her own Youtube Channel which is growing rapidly. In addition to her singing career, Julie also works as a model for various international clients.

Now enjoy Julie Huard‘s Neo Swing cover version of “Le Danseur De Charleston”, originally by Philippe Clay, in the YouTube video ⁣⁣👉 HERE!