LadyDot Review: Crazy Red Balls – Vodka Vodka

A vision of the future: what will happen to us when the bars finally open? Crazy Red Balls – “Vodka Vodka”

As soon as I saw the title of this song, I felt a sudden rush of inspiration. Yes, I know how it sounds! :) But in Poland we are still impatiently waiting for bars and restaurants to open. “Vodka Vodka”, the new song by Crazy Red Balls, despite being composed by Russians, will be perfectly understood by Poles as well. And not only because in the music video there are pickled cucumbers on the table, which is our favourite vodka snack! :)

The bar culture is very ingrained in my country. People from Poland are generally very sociable and hospitable. They like to meet up with friends, they love to hang out in beer gardens in the summer, they like to party… We miss a lot of that these days. So when the song “Vodka Vodka” was released, we suddenly started hoping that our lives will finally get back to normal. Thanks, Crazy Red Balls!

The beginning of the track is a motif taken from Balkan music, which already after several seconds mixes perfectly with electro swing beat, creating a fantastic musical cocktail! For me this introduction is the beginning of good fun!

Great samples of the brass section are worth mentioning – tuba and trumpet are instruments which are strongly rooted in the Balkan music, and besides, very often used in electro swing. This combination, together with the disco-synth melody, is truly brilliant. And when I hear the old-school vocals of the women singing in the choruses, I like “Vodka Vodka” even more (haha!). I would go to a pub with live music! And I’m probably not the only one ;)

It’s hard to believe that one man is responsible for the arrangement: Vladimir Uspenskii. I think that soon the electro swing fans will hear about him again!

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2021-05-03

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