LadyDot Review: Good Co – So Pretty (Tony Wellin Remix)

A few words about remixes: a brand new interpretation
of the Good Co track. Tony Wellin – “So Pretty”

When I was a teenager, I didn’t like remixes very much. Back then, I didn’t really understand why artists would remix other musicians’ songs. Now that I’m older and more familiar with music, I know that a remix is a personal, completely individual and unique interpretation of a song. And I don’t approach remixes with such detachment anymore – I appreciate them because I know that often you can discover something completely different than in the original version. This is exactly what happened when I listened to “So Pretty” by Tony Wellin.

This is one of the tracks from the ‘So Pretty Remixes’ EP. Before I started writing the review, I of course listened to the original performed by the band Good Co many times. Immediately the song captivated me with an extended brass section and… a brilliant metal riff that makes “So Pretty” a mix of various music genres. Metal is very close to my heart, so this combination made me enjoy listening to this song over and over again. However, let’s go back to the remix.

My first association with Tony Wellin is of course the excellent podcast “Electro Swing Thing Radio Show”. There he did a great job selecting tracks, inviting great artists and presenting his vintage music mixes. I hope a new episode of this show will be released soon. :)

“So Pretty” in his interpretation is a song with an accelerated tempo, where the subtle piano sound and fantastic brass section take the lead. Combined with the repetitive vocals it is the quintessence of electro swing. And all this is complemented by a perfect club beat. It makes me want to go to my beloved Italy again and go to a party where Tony will be rocking behind his console!

Approaching the end of “So Pretty”, I was quietly hoping to hear that metal guitar riff that I enjoyed so much. I’m very curious to see how Tony would mix it. And such experiments have already happened in electro swing – for example Roman Andor Krotil did a great metal remix of Balduin‘s “Wabababa”. But I understand Tony, because every electro swing artist creates his own unique style. And this is what I like the most in this music genre!

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2021-07-22

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