LadyDot Review: Madam Misfit – The Wombling Song

Environmental education in Swing Hop rhythm! Madam Misfit – “The Wombling Song”

In my reviews I always try to refer to many various issues. I’ve already written a few words about love, freedom, travelling… I also like to touch upon our everyday life (which I described especially during the last lockdown). And today, thanks to a new song from Madam Misfit, “The Wombling Song”, we will talk a little bit about ecology and of course… swing hop!

It’s Swing Hop time!

I have noticed that more and more Electro Swing artists like to create swing hop songs. For this release it fits just perfectly. Madam Misfit has actually created her own interpretation of a song by a band called The Wombles (its founders were inspired by characters from a popular 1980s English TV series that educated children about environmental protection).

In addition to Madam Misfit‘s excellent rapping, which is undoubtedly her trademark (her voice reminds me a little of the vocals of the Japanese electro swing artist – Demondice), in “The Wombling Song” we can also hear the voice of David Attenborough, a world-famous and respected biologist. Thanks to her, he became a rapper in this song! :) Additionally, if you listen carefully, you can also hear the amazing sound of the clarinet – played by Madam Misfit of course.

A music video that will motivate you to take action!

I really like the fairytale theme that runs through the whole song. You’ll feel it even more when you watch the music video for “The Wombling Song”. Show this video to your child and… make a kite out of a plastic bag together. It’s a great way to spend your free time creatively!

When I hear “The Wombling Song”, I just feel like taking a rubbish bag, going to the Vistula River and cleaning up the forest areas around it. Well, sounds a bit like a challenge! And how will you contribute to protecting the environment? Maybe you just listen to the latest release from Madam Misfit and it will inspire you to take action? :)

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2021-08-24

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