LadyDot Review: DELADAP & Wolfgang Lohr – Cream Soda

Savour your life! And don’t listen to this song when you’re on a diet!
DELADAP & Wolfgang Lohr feat. Melinda Stoika – “Cream Soda”

You don’t even know how long I’ve been waiting for food to appear in my review series! Today the moment has finally come and I have the pleasure of telling you a few words about one of my favourite Electro Swing duo-producers – DELADAP & Wolfgang Lohr. Let me introduce you to their new track “Cream Soda”. It’s a really tasty morsel – in every way!

A recipe for an Electro Swing hit

As you all know, DELADAP, Wolfgang Lohr and Melinda Stoika have long since shared with us the recipe for the perfect song – “Make a Swing Great Again”, of course, which has already become the unofficial anthem of Electro Swing. In the case of this song, as well as “Cream Soda”, the situation is very similar: a bit of vintage melody, a pinch of disco, quite a large dose of brass section and, of course, the cherry on the top – the excellent Melinda Stoika, or rather her fantastic, delicate vocals.

Music full of calories

When we listen to lyrics that remind us of treats such as whipped cream or chocolate chips, it… totally doesn’t faze me! I’m one of those people who doesn’t like sweets – I prefer sour drinks and crisps. But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying a “Cream Soda”, which sweetens my heart and soul enough. :)

Karaoke in my house

I really, really like it when there is an instrumental attached to a song. Not because I don’t like the vocals – I can’t imagine “Cream Soda” without Melinda’s voice! First of all, when I listen to the song in such a version, I can hear each instrument even better – it makes it very easy for me to write reviews. And secondly, I sometimes sing the songs to myself or make up my own short lyrics to them. My own private karaoke. Yes, you are right, you can feel sorry for my husband! :D

“Cream Soda” from DELADAP, Wolfgang Lohr and Melinda Stoika is a song that we could classify as swing pop. In its futuristic version, which we see in the video, it further proves to us that this is only the beginning of delicious experiments with Electro Swing. The chance that it will return to its former glory is very high. Come on and make a swing great again!

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2021-09-06

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