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Electro Swing (actually Swing Hop)
discovery of the year: LVDS – “Wonderful You”

This review will not only be a description of my feelings about the track I’m about to present to you. It’s also my personal summary of this year, which, by the way, was the most pivotal time in my life. Why do I want to combine this thread with a review of the latest LVDS song, “Wonderful You”? The explanation is simpler than you might think! You’ll see about that in just a moment.

It all started with this!

Did you know that the first Electro Swing review I wrote was about LVDS’s debut album “Golden Days”? I posted it in February on my Polish-language blog. Apart from a warm thank you from LVDS, about a month later I got an offer to write a review for Electro Swing Thing. It was like my musical dream came true! I always lacked the courage to present my texts to more people than my husband, family and friends. Since then, every review has been a huge creative challenge for me.

However, what happened a few months later, in mid-July, totally influenced my professional development – thanks to the “LadyDot Review” series, among other things, I got a job at Poland’s first independent record label! Since then I have been involved in the production of CDs and vinyls – I invent the covers, choose the packaging, and have a creative influence on the final look of the albums. And most of all I’m one of the first people to listen to the finished remastered tracks! So I can say that if LVDS hadn’t inspired me with his album “Golden Days” all these things simply wouldn’t have happened. :)

“Wonderful You” – a perfect summary of LVDS’ musical achievements

I’m absolutely unable to name my favourite song from LVDS. It’s too difficult because they are all equally good! “Wonderful You” hits my tastes fantastically. Why? Because from the very first second I feel this vintage vibe and imagine that I’m sitting in a cinema, where an old movie is about to be shown. And as you know, I love that feeling of being transported back 100 years. LVDS brilliantly combines these old-school samples with a fresh, contemporary beat. I feel like I’m just floating along with the music for the whole duration of the song, and it lifts me somewhere high, above the clouds.

When I was looking for the original version of this song, I came across Jan Savitt’s composition “It’s a Wonderful World” from 1939. Later this song was performed by my favourite Peggy Lee and Frank Sinatra among others. LVDS simply has a great feel for selecting samples that, with his mixes and slight refreshing, will appeal to listeners. I find myself quite inspired by French producer ProleteR. I love his music, so maybe that’s why I appreciate how LVDS is developing his skills and sharing such great music with us every month. Taking inspiration from other artists, he creates something completely innovative – his own swing hop world!

Summary – colour your world with Swing Hop!

I recently bought myself some very good speakers – it is much needed for my work. And it’s only now that I’m fully appreciating what a huge and really detailed job artists do when creating the songs we listen to later. I get a completely different experience of music than through headphones! If you’ve read my previous reviews, you’ll know that what LVDS creates steals my heart (and my husband’s! He just loves all the music from this guy! :)). Drowning in this ocean of perfectly matched sounds, I discover a new depth of Electro Swing, or rather Swing Hop.

“Wonderful You” is a powerful dose of optimism and positive energy. When I listen to the lyrics of this song again, I feel that it connects very much with my professional success this year. I’m fulfilled and happy to be writing reviews for you. I would like you to at least take a moment to think about what you can do to make your world wonderful. Sometimes it really doesn’t take much – just reach out for what fate gives you, set a few small goals that you will strive for, take a risk and… just enjoy life!

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2022-01-03

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