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Brilliant musicians, an outstanding producer and a golden voice – an Electro Swing track to
warm you up during the holidays! Wolfgang Lohr & Sonia Elisheva – “Someone New”

I wrote to you recently that we have quite a few new Electro Swing hits for the summer. Thankfully, that’s a thing of the past! As you read this review, I’m probably somewhere far away on a trip through Europe.

One thing I can be sure of: that at this very moment I’m having a great time to the rhythm of my favourite songs (not only Electro Swing!).

And one song that gets me in the summer mood even more is Wolfgang Lohr and Sonia Elisheva’s latest single, “Someone New”. I hope you have as much fun with this track as I am while writing this review! :)

Sonia Elisheva And Her New Song… With Someone New!

Sonia, Sonia… You don’t even know how long I’ve been waiting for your Electro Swing comeback! You know I adore you and admire you for your amazing talent. Seriously, this woman has so much power, energy and, most of all, emotions in her voice that it’s impossible to pass by her work indifferently (also the solo one – she released, among others, a wonderful jazz-soul EP “HUMMINGBIRD” and an outstanding single “U Look Like Danger”). 2021 in Electro Swing definitely belonged to her.

First, the brilliant “Every Now and Then” featuring Glenn Gatsby (you can read a review of this excellent track HERE) – this song is at the top of my favourite hits list all the time and I never skip it when I play this playlist. Then the energetic “On the Run” with the wonderful Odd Chap (I reviewed that song too, oh, HERE!) and the wonderfully reflective and slightly melancholic “Meet Me at Sunrise” with LVDS….

I thought that it was with the latter artist that she would release another banger. And here is a surprise – our Electro Swing master Wolfgang Lohr invited her to cooperate! In “Someone New” Sonia Elisheva simply shines! She shows all her extraordinary vocal skills, intrigues, knocks down and charms as always. I don’t think I need to add anything more, do I? :)

See What You Might Not Notice

Usually when we listen to songs, we pay attention to the vocals first. It’s usually the voice that’s in the foreground and that’s what we mainly focus on. After playing the single “Someone New” in its original version with vocals, I recommend you turn on the instrumental version that you can find on streaming services (it’s on Spotify too! HERE!). And no, it’s not because I don’t like Sonia’s voice or it bothers me – after all, just a while ago I was raving about it and during the writing of this review I have absolutely not changed my mind! :)

Do it for the sake of focusing, at least for a while, only on the instruments, which here are just going crazy, and, above all, put me in a great mood. If Wolfgang Lohr chose the vocalist for “Someone New” so perfectly, it couldn’t be any different with the rest of the musicians. I’ll be happy to tell you about them, read on!

Nobody Can Do It Better Than Them!

Do you hear that characteristic piano, which plays in the background and forms the basis for all the other instruments? Yes, it’s our wonderful DanyloM, who delights us with interpretations of classical music in Electro Swing style! I was sure that this fantastic musician from Ukraine would become one of Wolfgang’s favourite pianists and that we would hear him more and more in various pieces!

The raging trumpet and the loud trombone are the work of Alex Taylor. Be warned! If you go to his profile on Instagram, you will spend a good few hours there listening to the fantastic arrangements and admiring his talent. It really is addictive.

My favourite, however, is this outstanding, perfect in every way guitar playing gipsy style. Quentin Seewer has done a superb job of creating such a challenging, perfectly played (although in my opinion, a little too short!) solo and superbly crafted interludes between the parts of the song. I’ve also become addicted to his videos on Instagram! :)

I don’t want to write a long summary. I’ll just tell you that thanks to “Someone New”, I discovered the work of two brilliant artists. And in the case of the ones I knew, I confirmed that they are simply masters in their field!

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2022-06-27

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