LadyDot Review: DELADAP & Wolfgang Lohr – Something Serious

A total mish-mash in swing’n’roll style! Deladap & Wolfgang Lohr
feat. Reinwald Kranner & Melinda Stoika – “Something Serious”

I have been closely following the Electro Swing music industry for many years now. It seems to me that virtually nothing can surprise me anymore – I know what to expect from my favourite artists. This time I have to honestly admit that I was wrong and I swear to you that I have never heard anything like “Something Serious” before.

DELADAP , Wolfgang Lohr, Reinwald Kranner and Melinda Stoika have created something very original yet tongue-in-cheek. Seriously, this composition and music video are so crazy that I don’t even know where to start, but I hope I can tame the chaos in my head that has set in after listening to ‘Something Serious’. Wish me luck! :)

Swing, Electro Swing and rock’n’roll – can it be combined?

Electro Swing mixes perfectly with various other musical genres – this we have known for a very long time. Specialists in swingwave (i.e. a mix of Electro Swing and synthwave) are the Lamuzgueule. Klischée blends pop and funk sounds with Electro Swing in an exquisite way. LVDS works wonders, producing another brilliant Swing Hop track.

DanyloM, together with Wolfgang Lohr, refreshes classical music fantastically through Electro Swing. And now, DELADAP and Wolfgang Lohr have done something that simply hasn’t been done before: they have come up with a great idea to bring rock’n’roll back to its former glory! They have wonderfully mixed the sounds of an acoustic guitar with a brass section typical of Electro Swing.

Let’s be honest: this is not music for those who are afraid of novelty and experimentation. Electro Swing is for those who are open to broadening their horizons and discovering new musical trends. Bravo, gentlemen!

Male vocals on a Deladap track? Why not!

When I wrote this review, I knew that I simply had to pay more attention to the vocalists and instrumentalists. If I am not mistaken, for Reinwald Kranner this is an Electro Swing debut. What captivated me about his voice in the first place was the enormous variety. The style of his singing (just the style, not the sound of the voice itself!) reminds me very much of Jamiroquai’s style (I’m sure you’re familiar with his track “Virtual Insanity” – this Reinwald’s phrasing is incredibly similar, do you agree with me?).

The sheer timbre of his voice is so fascinating and soothing that I could listen to it again and again. And it’s a fact, the resemblance to Elvis is evident not only in the music video, but also in Reinwald’s vocals! And combined with Melinda Stoika’s choruses, it makes for an inseparable, cohesive whole.

As I listened to ‘Something Serious’, it suddenly occurred to me that, after all, in all the Deladap songs, women were singing. This debut of male vocals really worked well here – because who better to perform swing’n’roll than Elvis? Haha!

I later realised why ‘Something Serious’ seemed so crazy to me. The answer is incredibly simple… It’s because of the crazy, rock’n’roll music video, which immediately brings up too many associations for me. Elvis, the beautifully styled Melinda (where did you buy that polka dots dress? I have to have it, haha!), Stani Vana popping out from under the car and the sax and trumpet player going wild. But you know what? I totally love this mish-mash!

Only they can bring order to this ‘chaos’!

As you all know very well, this is another song that Deladap worked on together with Wolfgang Lohr. Sometimes I wonder by what criteria Electro Swing artists decide to collaborate with each other. In my opinion, in the case of Stani Vana of Deladap and Wolfgang Lohr, it’s not just that the gentlemen simply like each other. It’s about something else entirely: a perfect musical understanding! Listen to the instrumental version of “Something Serious” and you will certainly understand what I mean. It’s all very well thought out there – every instrument used, every effect added, every mix!

Well, does this track also remind you a bit of another DELADAP and Wolfgang track? Yes, exactly, I am referring to another crazy single, namely ‘Cream Soda’! The resemblance is very audible especially in those transitions between chorus and stanza and maybe a little bit in the sound of the brass section. But don’t think for yourself – in my opinion, ‘Something Serious’ is one of a kind and I still think it’s been a long time since I’ve heard such a crazy and yet so well composed song!

Summary – something completely not-serious! :)

Now that I’m slowly approaching the end of this review, I have the feeling that I scared you a little when I wrote about how “Something Serious” caused chaos in my head. Let me reassure you: I actually like this track a lot! I’ve reaffirmed this conviction by listening to it dozens of times (yes, I usually listen to a reviewed song over several days, several times a day! :)).

First of all, after that time I didn’t get bored of it and I liked it more and more every day. And secondly, I discovered many more elements in it that I had previously overlooked. And I hope that, thanks to this review, you, too, will find something in “Something Serious” that will definitely make you convince yourself to swing’n’roll!

P.S. I have no idea how many times I used the word “crazy” in this text, but in the Polish language we have a whole lot of synonyms for this word – take my word for it! :)

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2022-08-08

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