LadyDot Review: AYYBO – New Dance

Swing House at its best! AYYBO – ‘New Dance’ – review of the single

Haha, I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve written reviews of Electro Swing singles for you, my dear readers. I’ve been focusing more on interviews and articles in the Electro Swing News series lately. I have to admit to you that I love reviewing singles – especially artists that I don’t know very well yet. Then, as time goes on, I keep a close eye on their musical achievements, listen to newly released singles and watch their career developments with interest.

I am even more inclined to do this especially when one of the artists discovers Electro Swing and becomes interested enough in this musical genre to start creating their own compositions. Such is the case with AYYBO, a Californian artist. His new track, ‘New Dance’, is Electro Swing, or rather Swing House in its pure form. It is my pleasure to tell you a few words about this new release.

AYYBO – An Excellent Electro Swing Debut

Swing House is not my favourite part of Electro Swing, although I very much appreciate the artists who create tracks from this musical genre. But you also know that I never review songs I don’t like. Why? Because I think it’s much better to appreciate what’s really good and only show you the best bangers!

“New Dance”, released on the 28th of November, is a real musical firecracker. Already at the beginning, we can hear the sound of a nostalgic trumpet – a bit like in Parov Stelar’s songs (and these magical, enchanting trumpet sounds are constantly running through this composition, making the structure of this track very coherent and well thought-out).

The tempo speeds up, and just a moment later that brilliant swinging piano comes into play, making ‘New Dance’ incredibly danceable, energetic and lively. The combination of all these elements with the upbeat beat and house bass makes this a truly fantastic club track. I saw that AYYBO posted a video on his social media with the caption: “If Great Gatsby had a DJ”. And yes, I’m one hundred percent sure that if the Great Gatsby were alive in the present day, he would definitely hire you for the job! :)

Creativity + Ingenuity + Contact With Fans = Impressive Success!

When I was doing research on social media about AYYBO, I noticed a really great thing – this artist writes back to most of his fans’ comments. And what did I find so interesting in these comments? Very often listeners wrote that ‘New Dance’ reminded them of Parov Stelar’s work.

And you know what? I have to admit that this association is quite apt, especially if we consider the most recent releases of this precursor of Electro Swing (e.g. the track ‘Venom’ or ‘Gringos Revenge’). And of course the sound of that trumpet I wrote about above!

And now an interesting fact: did you know that despite the fact that AYYBO only debuted a year ago, it was listened to by almost half a million people on Spotify this month! On both Instagram and TikTok, he is followed by more than 30,000 fans.

Now it’s time for the Electro Swing world to hear about AYYBO and his track ‘New Dance’ too. In his bio on Spotify, I found a sentence that perfectly sums up AYYBO’s work: “A new house artist born with the intention to make you move your feet”. I for one look forward to his new releases. And the “new dances” of Electro Swing dancers to his tunes, because something feels like there will be a lot of them really soon! :)

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2022-12-12

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