Jojo Effect & The Mills Brothers – Mañana (Gardener of Delight Remix)

The Mills Brothers are the most successful vocal band in US pop history. They have recorded almost 2,500 songs in the course of their 50-year stage history, including a number of chart hits, and they have sold over 50 million records. They took home a good three dozen gold records.

The charming Mañana (is soon enough for me), originally recorded by Peggy Lee in 1947, is by no means one of the top hits of the vocal Mills Brothers, but it is certainly the cheerful jewel among all of their songs. So it’s time to dust it off and bring it back to a larger audience.

Jojo Effect and the Gardener of Delight have dared to do the remix – with a lot of instinct and joy – and made Mañana shine again, this time even including dance floor fun.