Minimatic – Bric-A-Brac

Minimatic – BRIC-A-BRAC EP

Fresh new EP from Minimatic is out now! A bric-a-brac of grooves, beyond the frontier of usual Electro Swing sounds, once again Minimatic is diggin deep in the past to launch his sonic capsule in the future.

From fat Swing Hop to strange childish Trap incursion, thru pure swing breaks « à l’anglaise » & clubby Jazz House, ending all this by a moody retro Trip Hop.

1. Doo Ding
2. Jump Down Flute
3. Cinnamon Song
4. The Whistler
5. Rue de Siam

Stream & Download BRIC-A-BRAC EP Here


« Danse la Nostalgie du Futur »

Unclassable, the sound of Minimatic is an organized scholarly retro bazaar where the
instruments and samples of yesterday clashes an electro of tomorrow, in a strange spatio-
temporal crush.

From his remixes 60’s or his bossa survives with Hip Hop sauce to his nu-swing paradoxical
tracks (his classic «No Swinggity» has exceeded 6 million hits on Spotify) from its dancefloor
soul bombs via its resolutely cinematic downtempo tracks, Minimatic traces its personal
groove, solo, an absolute anti-career move, regardless of trends, based only on worldwide
word of mouth, with its tracks full of this «so frenchy» touch.

A sound that, even if retro-futuristic, refuses the obvious ease of kitsch, and prefers a
personal sound derision, sometimes erasing the smile under a light melancholic spleen!

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