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Electro Swing Radio was founded in 2012 by Justin Fidèle and we’ve teamed up since 2018! We’re broadcasting the finest Electro Swing, Neo Swing, Swing House, Swing Hop (and any other possible Swing word-combination) around the clock and directly from Berlin!

Start the Radio Player comfortably at the bottom of this page (beneath the footer) and stream music as long as you like or GO HERE!

Electro Swing Radio is listened to by thousands of people in many countries and played a genre-defining role in the development of Electro Swing. Help us spread the word about this great musical genre worldwide!

It is our goal to keep the station free for everybody to listen to and also free of annoying commercials in the live stream. To cover our costs for the broadcasting server, royalties, webhosting etc. we would be highly grateful if YOU become a patron and throw a few bucks at us to help us pay our bills. Any support will be massively appreciated!

Please help us to stay on air and free of annoying commercials! 🎷🎼🎺
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