ProleteR is a french producer/beatmaker based in Toulouse, France
Former guitar player in rock bands, he gradually fell into hiphop and production around his 20’s.

Since he released his first EP “Curses from past times » in 2011, which included the soon viral and federative track “April showers » (used in thousands of videos on youtube) ProleteR made way becoming one of the key player in the indie Hiphop/electro swing scene thanks to the distinctive signature sound he created.
ProleteR released five EP’s, including one crafted by Banzai lab records (Smokey Joe and the Kid, Senbeï, L’entourloop…), two EP’s of the popular series « Tribute to the Masters », and dropped in June 2018, his latest work to date, « Bubbles »

In the meanwhile, he was also asked to make remixes for Smokey Joe and the Kid, Degiheugi, Boogie Belgique, Chinese Man, Wax Tailor, Kill Emil.
Next step for the artist, dropping his first ever album in 2019!