Hi there! My name’s Jason Redican, but you may know me better by my online alias ‘Redi-canDance’. I’m 31 years old and currently live in Bristol, in the South of England – though I actually originate from Liverpool up North.

Unlike my younger counterparts, I shuffled onto the neoswing scene at the ripe old age of 30, finally deciding to make something of my passion for this genre of music and the performance that has come from it.

I have lived with dyspraxia my whole life, a neurological disorder which impacts movement and coordination. This has always affected my confidence, causing me to struggle with certain activities (e.g. running, climbing, swimming, etc.) and find difficulty in maintaining commitments to things.

Overtime, with my enthusiasm growing from watching other swing dancers and my desire to start finding hobbies which could make me feel good, ‘Redi-canDance’ was born. This marked a new chapter in my life; one where I have confidence in my own abilities and will hopefully inspire others to do the same – regardless of circumstance.

Though my dyspraxia still acts as an obstacle on a daily basis, I am determined to practise twice as hard and do not allow it to hold me back.