The Swing Bot – Rythmakers 37
Electro Swing Thing #044

The French permanent guarantee for good Electro Swing is The Swing Bot, currently based in Vienna. For years he has been delivering classic Electro Swing productions with pearls from vintage samples that hardly anyone has ever known. Swing House is his style and his trademark is the well-integrated groove, which forms a perfect mix of the past and present sound of music. With “Waves of 84” he had a real hit and it was one of the most successful Electro Swing tracks in 2019. With his “Rythmakers 37” The Swing Bot has also arrived in the new decade and is now making the Golden Twenties bloom again!

01. The Swing Bot – Rythmakers 37 (Radio Edit)
02. The Swing Bot – Rythmakers 37(Club Mix)

Release Date: 2020-01-24