Honky Crew – Can’t Stop
Electro Swing Thing #053

The Honky Crew is an Electro Swing DJ and live musician producer duo from Budapest in Hungary. With electronic music roots from Ordiman as DJ and Laszlo Tamasi, who is a drummer and comes from the Rockabilly genre, you can see the Honky Crew also as live band on stage with guest musicians. The single “Can’t Stop” sets a new Neo Swing and Electro Swing milestone. It has a catchy vocal hook, a flowing saxophone line and the ragtime piano as a base, which has become a trademark of their productions. Rounded off with fat beats and a pumping, groovy bass line, the arrangement is definitely a crisp Electro Swing banger. “Can’t Stop” is a single release of the debut album, which will be released in April on Electro Swing Thing Records! #ItMustSchwing

01. Honky Crew – Can’t Stop (Radio Edit)
02. Honky Crew – Can’t Stop (Club Mix)
03. Honky Crew – Can’t Stop (Instrumental)

Release Date: 2020-03-06