Crazy Red Balls – Moon Fly
Electro Swing Thing #075

Welcome Crazy Red Balls to the Neo Swing world! Their new single Moon Fly is dedicated to all astronauts out there. It starts with a legendary phrase by Neil Armstrong: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” The first verse is borrowed from Jack London’s “Like Argus of the ancient times”. When band leader, composer and singer of the Crazy Red Balls, Vladimir Uspenskii, read this story as a teenager, he didn’t really understand who the Argonauts were. To be honest, he still doesn’t get it, so he imagined someone like astronauts… :)

01. Crazy Red Balls – Moon Fly

Release Date: 2020-06-26

Composer & Lyrics: Vladimir Uspenskii

– Trumpet (special guest): Alexey Baychuk
– Main vocal, Guitar, Arrangement: Vladimir Uspenskii
– Оld-style-swing-vocal-girls-band: Trio EasyTone
– Whistling: Andrey Voevodskii
– Double bass: Sergio Mesa
– Tuba: Maria Puertas
– Percussion: Marc Thió i LLuch
– Hand Clapping: Anton Fedotov, Artem Pharaphontov, Andrey Markov, Martin Igorevich, Nikita Ivanov
– Recording, sound production & mixing – Uspenskii Music Studio