Wolfgang Lohr & Alanna Lyes – Golden Twenties
Electro Swing Thing #076

Welcome Back 20s! Wolfgang Lohr and Alanna Lyes bring the Golden Twenties back to the present. It’s a colorful mix of vintage elements and swing music from this era. The Roaring Twenties were considered an excessive era with an unforgettable style. Electro Swing combines club beats with the nostalgia and big band sound of the past!

Wolfgang Lohr is one of the world’s well-known producers of this genre and the singer Alanna Lyes is considered the queen of Electro Swing. It’s their 4th single collaboration and you won’t be disappointed this time either.

A real brass section were recorded, by Tobias Hain (trumpet alto & soprano) and Helge Tischler (trombone tenor & bass) and the driving rhythm guitar by Guglielmo Cassinelli (Free Shots Band) from Italy brings liveliness, fire and Manouche feeling to the Swing House crowd pleaser “Golden Twenties”. There is a club mix for DJs as well and if you want you can also enjoy the pure instrumental! #TrendySince2020

01. Wolfgang Lohr & Alanna Lyes – Golden Twenties (Radio Edit)
02. Wolfgang Lohr & Alanna Lyes – Golden Twenties (Club Mix)
03. Wolfgang Lohr & Alanna Lyes – Golden Twenties (Instrumental)

Release Date: 2020-07-03

Composer: Wolfgang Lohr
Lyrics: Alanna Cowley
Guitar: Guglielmo Cassinelli (Free Shots)
Trumpet: Tobias Hain
Trombone: Helge Tischler