DUHAN & Miriam & The Quinces – Let It All Go
Electro Swing Thing #142

Welcome to the new year and off we go with a fresh Electro Swing release by Swiss singer Miriam Sutter and Slovak producer DUHAN from Bratislava.

They teamed up for a second collaboration single and “Let It All Go” contains a contrasting retro feel and modern electro grooves, with live lead instruments on top. In other words, club beats meet the Roaring Twenties 2.0.

Miriam Sutter: “The idea for the song came up on the beach while I was watching the seagulls. Their greed for food reminded me of human greed!” #LetItAllGo

01. DUHAN & Miriam & The Quinces – Let It All Go

Release Date: 2022-01-14

Composer & Producer: Dušan Broško
Lyricist: Miriam Sutter
Mastering Engineer: Perla Audio (Markus Gaetano Mueller)

Lead Vocals: Miriam Sutter
Trumpet: Tomáš Vojcovič
Trombone: Gregor Chalupecký
Guitar: Mikael Carnevali
© + ℗ 2022 Electro Swing Thing

Biography – Miriam Sutter

Miriam Sutter is a singer from Switzerland famed for the eclectic Live-Shows mixing Jazz, Swing and Electro into a huge groove thing. Her Debut Album “Fragments” was released in May 2021. “The One” an uptempo vintage soul track made it into some Radio Stations like Superfly FM in Vienna/Austria.

Biography – DUHAN

Producer DUHAN was born in Eastern Slovakia, currently living in Bratislava. Apart from producing, he is also DJing, plays on synthesizer and is a sound recording engineer.

In his productions is electronic music mixed with trip-hop, funk and swing music elements, which creates strong contrasts with modern sound and old-school feeling. He has cooperated with various artists on many singles and remixes!