Mr. Jazzek – Gangsters Melody
Electro Swing Thing #146

Mr. Jazzek’s upcoming release “Gangsters Melody” promises to make you jump on your feet and get ready to celebrate the New Twenties!

Old Hollywood samples referring to the notorious gangsters of Prohibition-Era Chicago, paired with a danceable house beat. “Gangsters Melody” perfectly captures the roaring 20s vibe and transports it directly into today’s EDM landscape.

In his latest track, the Electro Swing master features the classic “The Godfather” theme, which allows him to create a moment of mystery while keeping listeners anticipate the grand drop.

With “Gangsters Melody”, Mr. Jazzek once again delivers an ideal asset to the Electro Swing Thing’s “Welcome Back 20s”-series that has the potential to become yet another one of his great club anthems.

01. Mr. Jazzek – Gangsters Melody
02. Mr. Jazzek – Gangsters Melody (Club Mix)

Release Date: 2022-02-04

Composer & Producer: Jacek Janaszkiewicz
Mixing & Mastering Engineer: Pete Berg
© + ℗ 2022 Electro Swing Thing