Lamuzgueule – Posture (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
Electro Swing Thing #170

Get ready, because here comes the track that will likely take over your body this over!

Don’t we know it all? This nagging feeling of having to fake a smile or pretend we’re okay when we really just want to scream?
French live Electro Swing sensation Lamuzgueule put it into words perfectly when they released their song “Posture” that has now been remixed by non-other but Berlin based Electro allrounder Wolfgang Lohr.

The highly danceable track is proof that Lohr – as a DJ – has been mingling with crowds for years and knows exactly how to get a party started:

With a signature Electro Swing beat, catchy melody lines and a strong, housy bass foundation he delivers a remix that is hard to resist and promises to take over dancefloor after dancefloor this year!

01. Lamuzgueule – Posture (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
02. Lamuzgueule – Posture (Wolfgang Lohr Remix – Instrumental)

Release Date: 2022-08-12

Composer: Fred Monestier, Agathe Denoirjean, Romain Deschamps, Félix Desgranges
Lyrics: Agathe Denoirjean, Romain Deschamps
Remixer & Producer: Wolfgang Lohr
Label: Electro Swing Thing / EST170
© + ℗ 2022 Electro Swing Thing

Vocals: Agathe Denoirjean
Vocals: Romain Deschamps
Engineer & Producer (Original): Fred « Brain » Monestier
Keyboard: Félix Desgranges
Saxophone: Salvatore Virgone
Trumpet: Etienne Doutreleau