Modern-Day Rhythm Meets Vintage Swing In Electro Swing
Collabo Riff Kitten & Alanna Lyes’ New ‘20s Are Here’

The latest gem in the electro-swing genre ‘20s Are Here’ by promising musicians Riff Kitten and Alanna Lyes is a reverie of instrumental haven and mesmerizing vocal.

With the growing popularity of the Electro Swing genre, a substantial wave of electronic music has emerged in the vast musical ocean in modern times. The newest addition in this musical arena ‘20s Are Here’ by the producer singer collaboration Riff Kitten and Alanna Lyes has generated a rippling effect with their new age Electro Swing tonality with various opulent elements derived from jazzy Swing, to Soul, to Rock, and even Church Music. The powerful employment of minimalistic beats intertwines with harmonic electrical sound morphing into a mesmerizing sonic delight.

Under the careful guidance of the renowned production house Electro Swing Thing Records, this gifted musical pair and dream team has masterfully combined the slow energy downtempo with hypnotic ambiance seeking soul revival. Hailing from the US and the UK respectively Riff Kitten and Alanna Lyes present a dynamic authority of electronic sound and mellow instruments denoting their feelings through the art of music.

This promising electro-swing collabo duo has successfully widened their horizon combining acoustic and electronic instruments with mesmerizing vocals of their frontwoman in their newest single ‘20s Are Here’. The songs take you through the nostalgic alleys of vintage swing to the modern electro-swing, with its sensational melodic use of piano and captivating vocals, molding it into a tonal delicacy. Working on their creation with vigorous tenacity, this team of dark Neo Swing musicians is destined to leave a mark in the Electro Swing scene with their melancholic and passionate composition.

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Review: IssueWire Date: 2020-04-08