Wolfgang Lohr Has Shown His Skills
With Enticing Music In ‘Astronomia’

Wolfgang Lohr has come up with an enrapturing melody in the brilliant instrumental number ‘Astronomia (Electro Swing Cover)’. It is a fascinating and incredible execution.

It is a breathtaking performance that has been dished out by the astounding music producer Wolfgang Lohr. He is based out of Berlin and has amazed the audience with the exquisite instrumental track ‘Astronomia’. The Bad Segebergian born music producer has been a revelation in the electronic music genre since the year 2011. He has remixed +100 tracks for various musicians like Tinush, Lexer, Alle Farben, Parov Stelar, and Felix Jaehen. He has expanded his musicality through sheer mastery in genres like Deep House, Tech House, House, and Electro Swing. He is on a relentless spree of releasing instrumental tracks in this genre as he apprehends that things could fade away in a whisker.

In the instrumental track ‘Astronomia’ by the accomplished music producer Wolfgang Lohr , there is an immersive vibe and unsettling sounds. He is a part of ‘Dorade’ and ‘DINKS’ which are outfits for Tech House and a House duo respectively. He heads the production house ‘Electro Swing Thing’ as one of the producers along with it he is a producer for the ‘Music Media’.

In the tracks by the gifted producer, the compositions are vivacious that has an eclectic appeal. Before being a music producer he has been a songwriter, singer, and trumpeter and has been an integral band member of ‘DaSKartell’ which is part of the ‘Ska’ band. He has dished out numbers like ‘Hit the Road Jack’ (+33M plays on YouTube), ‘My 20s Woman’, and ‘Twenties’. One can log on to popular music streaming apps like Spotify to listen to the tracks!

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Review by IssueWire Date: 2020-06-01