Review – Et Voilà!

Bart&Baker – Et voilà! (Album)

14th release from Bart&Baker Music, Et Voilà ! sees Bart&Baker exploring new music territories and offering a perfect blend between Electro Swing arrangements and World Music Legacy. It’s a slight move from their past recording since the release of their first ever production Istanbul (Not Constantinople back in 2012.

Et Voilà ! the album title was not chosen by random. Everytime Joséphine Baker came back to France after a twisted visit to her home country, finding it difficult to keep silent the many race prejudices she had to endure ever since she was a worldwide singing star and a War Hero. She simply answered to those spying an official comment : « Et Voilà ! »

The album opens with Atlantida a vibrant tribute to all those who left their countries for a better future. Laetitia Eido a respected actress in major movies and TV Series has naturally inhabited the tune.

Another famous french actor and comedian, Pierre Santini, from Italian Roots sings Amico, a pledge for more caring and understanding for those who need a helping hand and could be our soul brothers & sisters.

« We are what we are » is a classic Electro Swing tune and as ever countains an ironic sub message. As for Josephine, Bart&Baker have regularly come across criticism and prejudices for their style and excentricity. Their best response to all the hatred has always been « We are what we are ». Understand. May you not like our look or our music, take it or leave it because we will never betray or sincerity to please the majority.

The next track « It’s in her heels » deals with gender equality. While at a Scott Bradlee & Post Modern Jukebox show, Bart&Baker witnessed a conversation between a multi-skilled girl performer (she played Tuba, sang beautifully and danced perfectly). As the MC wondered how on earth she could posess all those qualities, she simply answered that her secret was in her heels.

But let’s move back to Folk Anthem and with « Djelem Djelem » the anthem of the Gypsy People reinvented in « Je l’aime Je l’aime » Bart&Baker open their magic groove box. But the duo can also penned more introvert tune. « So alive » for example is dedicated to all the bad times a married couple will have to endure to finally understand they are each other flesh and blood forever.

In mid-time the album offers a perfect french vintage track, « Chanson d’amour », a love story between the letters of the word LOVE. George Bangable, Crazy Horse Paris resident brings the perfect vocal.

And because Bart&Baker like to sometimes surprise their guests they offer « Right Now » a little Pop jewel surrounded by futuristic fx and beautifully sung by Jude Todd.

It’s time to come back to another World Music tune, « Douce Mémoires », an adaptation in french of the Yiddish song « Guter Zukorn »created by Chava Alberstein and dealing with the universality of the family moments.

Antoine Villoutreix remembers us all those friendly moment in the french version of Amico.

And who says friends means party. Shéhérazade reinvents an ancient Russian tune and for a few minutes takes us to a fantasy electronic cabaret.

It’s now time to move outdoors in the beautiful french carribean. « Maladie d’Amour » and « La Quadrille » are two instant party tune and remembers us how rich and diverse if their music.

It’s time to finish and with « Pour la vie » Clémentine brings a positive outcome to a very modern album

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