Review: Glenn Gatsby – Big Blue

The trailblazing music producer Glenn Gatsby produces a new single ‘Big Blue’ mixed with groovy notes and performs an astonishing mishmash of separate genres.

Versatile artist Glenn Gatsby brings a good time with his latest dance number ‘Big Blue’ and proves that he is a magical performer who can blur the lines of two genres to create a cheerful musical melange. He produces the song with stormy notes of electro-swing but the blissful sound of the saxophone surpasses it thoroughly. It evokes an atmosphere of loveliness and enchanting beauty of melodies that comes out of the mix of two distinct music spheres that have been separated for many decades. He creates music with mirth and glee that can ease the tension of the present crisis and dance with the eclectic beats like a lunatic.

Glenn Gatsby chose music to form a connection with the world because every soul on earth understands and feels music. He decided to sing about the true emotions that he has experienced over a brief period and made songs with different, vintage instruments to create an influential patchwork of sound. His mood has been the best motivation for the musician who is driven by an unpredictable passion. ‘Take It Easy-Electro Swing’ is the biggest EDM number under his hood that made his name worldwide. ‘Posing’ and ‘I Wonder Where’ have received over 90,000 streams for the brief details added with the variety of musical genres.

‘Big Blue’ is the newest single released by Electro Swing Thing Records that’s available on Spotify. Glenn Gatsby is from Norway and puts his young, striking energy in this song to bring out the positive effect of Swing Hop music. When it starts, it feels like a whirling plot of entering the rabbit’s hole but the chorus is played with blithe instrumentation!

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Review by ISSUEWIRE Date: 2020-09-22