Review: Madam Misfit – Elixir of Swing (Album)

Madam Misfit’s groovy songs from the new album ‘Elixir of Swing’ bring two diverse worlds of music as one. From Electro Swing to jazzy rhythms, the pride of the United Kingdom, Madam Misfit decides to make people dance on the dirty fusion of Swing Hop and comical lyrics.

Sometimes an album becomes more than existence or achievement, sometimes it refers to the completion of a journey. Madam Misfit dares us to enter her crazy and wonderful world full of exotic influences and righteous intentions with the release of the new album ‘Elixir of Swing’ on 23rd June 2020. It is produced by Electro Swing Thing which is known as the house of rare and exclusive EDM artists. The first song True You’ instantly blows off my mind with the touch of her sugary voice tuned with the Neo Swing drops and jazzy based rhythms. The track lightens up the premise, highlighting the true essence of music-making and reflecting the true nature of blissful musicianship.

Madam Misfit has become the captain of the red-headed league who glows more with the punk style and the merge that has all the strange musical elements to bring the delightful mix of retro Electro-Swing to Chap Hop. She sings about bullying in one song and then turns the wheels away to sing about how fanatical men can be. ‘Feels A Little Strange’ has the crazy potion of Neo-Swing that she glides through her sharp voice till the end to encourage us for being frolic for life. ‘Time Travellers Charlston’ captures her humor that most of the British amateurs lack.

‘M.U.M’ is one of my favorite tracks from the album which has a more modern approach and popular catchphrases. The elevating chord progression then introduces references of majestic musicality, taking a unique take on the creative flow. These references have lived up to the expectations of the fans and made them feel the strength of the artistry possessed by the creator. The depth of rhythmic development lives within the core of the arrangement that is limitless and knows no bounds.

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Review by DailyMusicRoll, IssueWire & TheTunesClub Date: 2020-07-03