Review – Time To Fly

The Renowned DJ And Producer Emma Clair Has Turned
On The Atmosphere With Her Track ‘Time To Fly’

‘Time To Fly’ by the DJ/Producer Emma Clair is stunning and musically captivating. Her artistry has done wonder for this track that is already on top of the Electro Swing charts.

Emma Clair is a famous face across the region of the UK and beyond. This supremely talented DJ/Producer has impressed one and all with her impeccable skills. Through her ‘Prohibition’ parties, she made the theme of ‘Electro Swing’ accessible to the masses. Having performed from ‘London’s ‘Ministry of Sound’ and ‘414 Club Brixton’, to ‘Bowlers’, ‘Band On The Wall’, ‘Victoria Warehouse’, etc, she enjoys a never-ending list of fans and her recent release with the collaboration of ELECTRO SWING THING records, named ‘Time To Fly’ has doubled the number.

Both the radio edit and club mix versions of this track have earned Emma a huge number of listeners on Spotify and SoundCloud. The energy generated through the instrumentation and the soundscape of this track helps in turning a gloomy day to a cheerful one. The pumping bass and the funky beats have made the entire arrangement more entertaining and groovy. And, the unconventional vocal performance just fits the flow of the track perfectly.

From the backdrop to the soundscape, every element has been placed at just the perfect moments. The instrumental work in the backdrop help in keeping things excited and the vocal on the front layers keep you entertained; the perfect mix for a groovy evening. ‘Time To Fly’ has already been placed on top of the international music charts. Just like her previous famous tracks, ‘Move Your Feet’ and ‘Bootleg Beat’, this track also has successfully captured the hearts of the audience. You can connect to the artist by following her on Facebook, Instagram, and her official website.

Just go for this track ‘Time to Fly’ by Emma Clair here!

Review: IssueWire Date: 2019-11-12