Review – Old Days

Groove To FleN-B’s Debut Electronic Music ‘Old Days’
That Sounds Perfect For Any Club Ambiance

Upcoming artist FleN-B has shown tremendous musicality in his debut track ‘Old Days’ that encompasses all the exciting melodies to let the listener groove endlessly.

FleN-B is a talented upcoming artist who has teased the audience with his right and brilliantly impressive electronic soundscape. The soundscape is captivating and is different from the regular sound tunes of recent times. The artist’s passion to build something extraordinary and charming is well portrayed in the song that accompanies fresh new elements of Swing House, Neo Swing, Swing Hop, and other genres to release a well-curated soundtrack that will enable the newcomer to lament his name in the industry. FleN-B features his classically vintage style of vocal arrangement that makes for an impressive verse delivery from the artist.

The latest song ‘Old Days’ is a culmination of all the right electro-music elements which when played collectively churns out as the most blissful and exciting audio experience. The stunning melodies and groove throughout offer brilliant moments to escape into and it’s quite easy to connect with its rhythm. Electro Swing Thing is the label that has produced this entrancing track which has been skillfully crafted by this newcomer from Israel as he debuts with this popular label name.

The song is a catchy club mix with EDM influences and has whispering vintage vocal samples. The sound flow is exciting and the regular flow of beats adds a multi-layer to the soundscape that effectively ignites a whole new level of pop sensitivity. Overall the track is a splendid creation and can be counted as a terrific offering from FleN-B. The full song is now available on Spotify and for more information, follow the artist on SoundCloud and YouTube.

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Review: realcommunique.com Date: 2019-11-15