Review – I Wonder Where

Upcoming Talent Glenn Gatsby Excites All With His
New Danceable Record ‘I Wonder Where’

Glenn Gatsby drops off an entertaining new tune ‘I Wonder Where’ perfect for uplifting the mood of any party with its Electro Swing beats.

Glenn Gatsby is a newcomer in the industry who has already stirred up praises for his creative approach towards electro swing music. Filled with retro sounds and vintage style fun music his recent single clubs together with the most playful and enjoyable tunes that would influence any listener to tap their foot. The song ‘I Wonder Where’ mainly lays its focus on the instrumentals and is slightly guided by a rock-style voice that keeps flowing in the background. Adding dashes of hip-hop, electronic swing, swing house, neo-swing, and classic swing beats together with the talented upcoming artist consistently keeps the mood of the song uplifted with its catchy rhythmic beats and uplifting instrumentation.

Glenn Gatsby is an Electro Swing newcomer from Oslo in Norway who plays piano and trombone and cultivates a deep passion for electro dance music. His recent song has been released under the very popular label Electro Swing Thing who is most famous for encouraging new talented artists to showcase their music. The track encompasses all danceable beats and makes for an interesting and enjoyable listen right from the beginning.

‘I Wonder Where’; is a solid production and has brought together many stylistic musical elements from a Hip Hop break part to a bouncy deep house bassline and leads its way with a vintage string theme. Glenn Gatsby is an extremely talented emerging artist whose professionalism is well displayed in the new record and his unusual retro style voice will help things lean in a refreshing direction. Listen to the track on Spotify and for more information follow the artist on all his socials HERE!

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Review: TheNewsHolic Date: 2019-11-27