The True Essence Of Electro Swing Rhythm
Lingers Through ‘Posin’ By Glenn Gatsby

The newest addition to the electro-swing genre Glenn Gatsby emerges with his track ‘Posin’ merging diverse acoustic elements with groovy dancehall beats.

Absorbing all the goodness of electronic sonic elements, old swing music has evolved into a refined and polished musical form of electro-swing projecting brilliant promises. Fresh talent Glenn Gatsby has entered the scene with his finest creation ‘Posin’ exuding classic electro-swing with a sprinkle of contemporary flavor defying all odds. The track is opulent with varied and groovy beats interlacing smoothly with the pleasant electrical sound which is a perfect fit for the modern club scenes.

The young and talented producer has taken the swing industry by storm with his surreal blend of nostalgic yet retro, swing components with an electronic modern twist. Well versed in piano and trombone, he introduces the instrumental grandeur to the electronic tonality crafting his very own unique dancehall performance, incorporated some swing house, neo-swing, and swing hop elements under his label Electro Swing Thing Records. Capturing the spirit of the era, the vibrant touch of electronic sound and mellow acoustic instrumentation in his soundscape portrays his genius artistic craftsmanship.

This Oslo-based gifted musician comes armed with his mesmerizing voice that enhances the fast-paced and boisterous rhythmic beats in his hit single ‘Posin’, opulent in lush instrumental tonality. The vibrant exuberance of the harmonic progression of the song is destined to take over the dancefloor effortlessly. With his other songs like ‘Shadow Hat’, ‘Starlow’, ‘I Wonder Where’, and ‘Twenties Dress’, Glenn Gatsby gives the audience a taste of vintage tonal delicacy of old swing, incorporated with his very own urban zest. Follow him on Spotify, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Facebook to listen to his soulful creations 👉 HERE!

Just go for this track ‘Posin’ by Glenn Gatsby 👉 HERE!

Review by IssueWire Date: 2020-06-04